Need to enact a Pre-dispute Arbitration Clause? Do it more easily & cheaply with Zeyo.

We are able to help you resolve your small claims dispute about 10 times faster than small claims court by using online arbitration.

May 06, 2019
Joe De Larauze
Joe De Larauze

Do you need to file a claim against an organization or individual you’ve been in business with? Whether it’s because of a personal injury or breach of contract, you’ll find that including an arbitration clause in your contract with the opposing party is a great way to expedite the process and save yourself money, time, and having to go to court.


An arbitration clause is established between two parties when they agree on a contract to resolve any dispute that may occur between them through arbitration. Arbitration is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that allows you to resolve disputes outside the court with the assistance of a neutral, third-party individual called an arbitrator. Disputes handled via arbitration are generally less expensive and quicker to resolve. And yet, arbitration fees and scheduling can still be a hassle, which is why you should consider doing all of this online.

Online arbitration platforms are the digital counterpart of arbitration, allowing you to resolve your dispute quickly, cheaply, and entirely online. We built our company, Zeyo, to be the go-to source for online arbitration  Our process is neutral, confidential, much faster than going to court, and provides a legally binding, court enforceable judgment. If you have an existing arbitration clause that you need to enact, reach out to us to see if we are able to provide arbitration services. We’ll walk you through the dispute process, assign you a neutral and experienced arbitrator, and make sure you get a fair outcome in as little time as possible, so you can move on with your life. And if you’re creating a new contract, include our clause to make sure you’re protected going forward:

Zeyo’s Arbitration Clause: "Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by Zeyo in accordance with the Zeyo Rules of Arbitration and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.”

You may be wondering, “what’s in it for me?” Well, quite a few things, actually. Here are three of the main pros to using our Arbitration Clause in your contract:

  • All Online:

If arbitration is quicker than traditional litigation, that benefit is multiplied by moving the process online. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) makes all the obnoxious and time-consuming parts of the legal process, like researching what court to file under, locating the appropriate files to use, completing and duplicating said files, mailing or hand-delivering them to your city clerk or local court, serving your claim, and waiting (often for months) to appear in court for your hearing, disappear. Zeyo solves these tedious steps in the dispute resolution process with our online platform.

What’s more, Zeyo’s intuitive platform, straightforward procedures, and responsive staff will make your dispute resolution simple and stress-free.

  • Cost-effective:

While using arbitration to resolve legal disputes is a much cheaper alternative to going to court and hiring a lawyer, the filing fees can still be pretty high: the American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) filing fees can reach up to thousands of dollars - and that’s without counting case management fees, arbitrator compensation, and hearing fees.

In an effort to make online resolution more appealing, Zeyo has a simple $8 filing fee. You read right: 8 dollars. We make filing your claim this cost-effective because we want to encourage speedier, more efficient dispute resolution, and don’t think you should have to empty your wallet to bring a case to court.




  • You already have a clause in your contract:

We saved the most obvious for last. If you already have an arbitration clause written into your contract, Zeyo may provide the easiest and best way to enact it. Reach out to our team to get the process started.

Arbitration is an efficient alternative to traditional court, and can be leveraged to resolve disputes more quickly and easily, especially when you have an existing arbitration clause in your contract. Thanks to our low fees, intuitive platform, and expert arbitrators, we can help you take care of your dispute in no time.

Any questions? Feel free to chat with us below, or send us a note at