Having trouble with your roommate? File your claim in 4 steps with Zeyo

We are able to help you resolve your small claims dispute about 10 times faster than small claims court by using online arbitration.

Apr 24, 2019
Joe De Larauze
Joe De Larauze

Living with roommates can be a blast. Then again, it can also be frustrating if you don’t communicate well. Sharing your living space with someone is a delicate situation, and if you’re not close with them, you need to be especially good at making sure you are on the same page. Picking the right roommates, and writing up a thorough roommate agreement can be key to a pleasant shared living experience.

If you’ve ever had trouble with a roommate, either because they failed to pay their share of the rent, or because they violated your roommate agreement in another way, Zeyo offers a very simple resolution process. Zeyo is a private online court that provides a quick, simple, and just way to resolve disputes online. Our process is neutral, confidential, much faster than going to court, and provides a legally binding, court enforceable judgment. As a private court, we are neutral and provide the same resources to you as we do to your opponent.

While we hope that any dispute between yourself and your roommate can be resolved with good communication, there is always a possibility for dispute when different lifestyles clash in the same living space. That is why we designed Zeyo to make the process simple, quick, and as pleasant as possible. Whatever your dispute is, we can take you through the process in a few simple steps.

Here’s how to file a claim against your roommate with Zeyo:

1. Preparing a roommate agreement:

  • While this step happens beforehand, it is an essential step to have completed, and can actually avoid your getting into a dispute in the first place.
  • You agreement should include how rent, deposits, and utilities are to be divided between you, how chores are to be handled, house rules such as pets, smoking, drinking, and moving out instructions.
  • Keep in mind that your roommate agreement should respect the terms of the lease, otherwise it will be invalid.
  • Holding up your end of the agreement is the most important step to ensuring that you are in the right, should a dispute come up.




2. Make your case
  • Using Zeyo’s platform, state your complaint in detail.
  • Submit any evidence (photos, videos, documents) electronically and add any witnesses you would like to testify on your behalf. This could be a friend of yours or another roommate who will back your claim.
  • Use the roommate agreement as proof. As it should state the specific duties of each roommate, as well as who is responsible for property damages, it will provide you with the evidence you need to back your claim.


3. Schedule or settle

  • If your roommate settles without a hearing, you will be paid directly through Zeyo.
  • If they pursue an online hearing, an arbitrator (who will decide your outcome) will be assigned to your case. Online hearings typically last 30 minutes, and will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and your roommate.


4. Attend your hearing

  • During your video conference hearing, a trained, neutral arbitrator will hear your case, review the evidence, and render a binding and court-enforceable judgment. If you’ve covered your bases by drafting a solid roommate agreement, this should be a smooth process.
  • If you receive a ruling in your favor, congratulations! Zeyo will make sure you are paid promptly.
  • If you happen to lose the case, Zeyo will walk you through your next steps.


That’s all it is! Zeyo makes the process so much faster than traditional litigation, easier to navigate, and completely online. We believe that the legal system should enforce justice quickly, affordably, and without taking up too much of your energy. Thanks to Zeyo, your roommate dispute can be taken care of in a flash!

Any questions? Drop us a note at support@zeyo.co.