Has your roommate filed a claim against you? Respond in 4 easy steps with Zeyo

We are able to help you resolve your small claims dispute about 10 times faster than small claims court by using online arbitration.

Apr 24, 2019
Joe De Larauze
Joe De Larauze

Has your roommate recently filed a claim against you? Have they accused you of not paying your share of the rent, or of causing damages in your shared living spaces? Living with someone can be difficult, especially if you are not good at communicating with one another. Disputes between people who live together can be extremely stressful, as you are forced to see each other all the time. Fortunately, there can be an upside to this: if your roommate uses Zeyo to sue you, the process can go smoothly for the both of you

Zeyo is a private online court that provides a quick, simple, and just way to resolve disputes online. Our process is neutral, confidential, much faster than going to court, and provides a legally binding, court enforceable judgment. As a private court, we are neutral and provide the same resources to you as we do to your opponent.

While having a claim filed against you is never fun, we believe that you should be able to resolve this situation easily. This is why Zeyo makes the experience intuitive, quick, and as stress-free as possible. Whether you or your roommate are in the right, we will take you through the entire process in a few steps. This is why it’s worth responding to your roommate’s claim.

Here’s how to do it with Zeyo:


1. Preparing a roommate agreement:

  • Drafting a roommate agreement is an essential step to have completed in order to resolve your dispute successfully.
  • You agreement will include how rent, deposits, and utilities are to be divided between you, how chores are to be handled, house rules such as pets, smoking, drinking, and moving out instructions.
  • Keep in mind that your roommate agreement should respect the terms of the lease, otherwise it will be invalid.
  • Holding up your end of the agreement is the most important part of ensuring that you are in the right.




2. Make your case

  • Once you’ve received the claim via Zeyo or certified mail, state your response in detail
  • Submit any evidence (photos, videos, documents) electronically and add any witnesses you would like to testify. Evidence may include emails, or any record that establishes an agreement between yourself and your roommate. Though official documents are preferable, Zeyo will consider this evidence.  
  • The roommate agreement will likely be the best indication of your rights. As it states the specific duties of each roommate, as well as who is responsible for property damages, it will provide you with evidence to back your defense.

3. Schedule or settle
  • If you decide to settle the case without a hearing, Zeyo will offer you a 15% discount off the original claim amount.
  • If you choose to pursue an online hearing, an arbitrator (who will decide the outcome) will be assigned to your case. Online hearings typically last 30 minutes, and will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and your roommate.


4. Attend your hearing

    • During your video conference hearing, a trained, neutral arbitrator will hear your case, review the evidence, and render a binding and court-enforceable judgment. If you’ve covered your bases in drafting a solid roommate agreement, this should be a smooth process.
    • If you receive a ruling in your favor, congratulations!
    • If you happen to lose the case, Zeyo will direct you to the payment page.

That’s all there is to it! Zeyo makes the process so much faster than traditional litigation, easier to navigate, and completely online. We believe that the legal system should enforce justice quickly, affordably, and without taking up too much of your energy. While having a legal suit filed against you is never fun, Zeyo can make your roommate dispute quicker, cheaper, and less of a hassle.

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