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Four reasons to file your Car Accident claim with Zeyo

We are able to help you resolve your small claims dispute about 10 times faster than small claims court by using online arbitration.

Apr 01, 2019
Joe De Larauze
Joe De Larauze

Though they seem relatively simple as far as legal disputes go, auto accidents can go either way. If you have recently been in an accident, the facts and faults of the matter might seem very clear to you. However, it’s very easy for anyone to argue they were in the right, especially in small claims court. This can make things tricky, especially if you are certain that you were within your rights. If you filed a claim to resolve your auto accident using Zeyo, you’re in luck.

Zeyo is a private online court that provides a fast, fair, and easy way to resolve disputes online. Our process is neutral, confidential, much quicker than going to court and provides a legally binding, court enforceable judgment. As a private court, we are neutral and provide the same resources to you as we do to your opponent.

As car accidents can be rough experiences, filing a claim to recover damages may be the last thing on your mind. This is why Zeyo makes the experience as straightforward, fair, and pleasant as possible. However serious the accident was, our platform can take you through it all in a few steps. No matter how bothersome it is to deal with a car accident, filing your claim online can ensure you resolve the matter quickly, and move on with your life.

Here are a few reasons why Zeyo makes filing your auto accident claim straightforward and rewarding.

  • Evidence

The first rule after being in an accident is to stay calm. More easily said than done, right? In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to say something rash that might be held against you later on. But controlling your nerves may be key to you coming out of this unpleasant situation better off. There are a great many things that can cause a car accident. Depending on the weather conditions, the speed of the cars, their location, who had the right of way, any of these pieces of information could sway the case either way, unless a professional reviews them. So take as many photos and gather as much evidence as you can right after the accident. Thanks to its relaxed rules of evidence, Zeyo considers any documents you submit to support your claim.



  • Insurance

Rarely will one of the parties involved in the accident have to pay if they are found at fault. If you have good insurance, the worst you can expect is for your insurance to have to pay damages, if you are somehow found to be at fault. At best, your opponent’s insurance would pay you damages if they are found responsible.

  • Convenient

Zeyo is operated entirely online, which aims to make the process go as smoothly and agreeably as possible. Being able to use your computer for the entire case means you don’t have to waste time going to a courthouse. Our system lets you schedule a hearing at a time that is most convenient to you. So no need to wait several months for a hearing assigned by a civil court.


  • Neutral

While an auto accident dispute can go any way in a small claims court, the arbitrator who judges your cases at Zeyo will render a decision based entirely on the case’s merits. Your chances of the arbitrator ruling in your favor are based on the evidence  and witnesses you present. Zeyo also keeps the case confidential, to maintain your privacy.

Experiencing a car crash is stressful and traumatic. Our goal is to make sure you get through it as smoothly as possible and are able to get the most out of this frustrating situation. Though filing an auto accident claim is cumbersome, our Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform will help you through it efficiently, so that you can move on. File your claim with Zeyo below. If you have any questions, please send us a note at